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Structual Packaging

One of the many considerations in the development of rigid box designs is content configuration and distribution cost.  Add to this the respect of viewing product on-line can easily persuade the end user to forego “touch and feel experience”. This is daunting thought for most Product Managers “just another computer click away from somebody else”. How do you begin assessing budgetary $$ and where best to allocate marketing resources. 

Structural packaging is a great way to distinguish you from others when targeting specific segment audience. The primary objective is to create a positive association with your Brand. DSA can assist you in exploring various choices best suited to your objectives.   

Advantages of 3 Dimension Packaging.

A) Demonstrate you take your product seriously by not using an off the shelf container.

B) Unique Packaging attracts more interest

C) Well-crafted package can be protect contents 

D) A well designed package will stand out from others.

E) Can be tailored-made for direct mail or hand-out-leave-behind.

F) Can be constructed from full color Litho sheet to a wide selection of cover 

      materials mounted onto corrugated or chipboard construction. 

G) Can be designed with a multitude of shapes and size content for step-by- step

     user friendly experience.

F) Attractive packages are usually kept for future use thus reinforcing the branding