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Promotional Products Industry at a Glance

The promotional products industry is structured in two basic tiers to serve the needs of millions of businesses of all sizes, from small local companies to large multinationals

  • Suppliers address the needs of the majority of businesses looking for quick and hassle-free purchases of products carrying their company names or brand logos.  Suppliers typically serve small orders of promotional products within 5-10 days from stock or through a wide network of thousands of promotional product distributors. Buyers are usually non-experts looking for appealing items, delivered quickly and at competitive prices.


US Manufacturers and some distributors (DSA-Promotions) import the products from Asia and play a crucial role as the hub between a vast numbers of companies’ in many product categories serving literally millions of businesses.

  • Promotional Products Distributors and Advertising Agencies address the needs of major consumer brands seeking differentiating promotional products to stimulate sales and enhance visibility. Product development in these cases must translate brand promises into tangible products.

Agencies design and work in conjunction with distributors to deliver large orders of tailor-made merchandise within 2-3 months, directly to promotions-driven industries (such as Food & beverages, Mail order, Tobacco, Cosmetics, etc).  Some relationships between Agencies, Distributors & Corporations are forged over many years. This trust is based on a mutual understanding of the industry, marketing executives who know how to integrating promotional goods purchases in their business cycle This includes very sophisticated criteria requiring Marketing Brand Managers understanding, an optimal design/price mix and seamless execution.  Distributors experienced become a valuable asset in assisting the decision making process throughout the manufacturing production.



At DSA-Promotions we understand the success of clients' promotion campaigns. Quality of products and on-time deliveries are critical. This means managing safe and reliable supply chains, both in terms of sourcing and logistics. Failure is unpardonable, given the amounts invested in the campaigns and the potential impact on clients' brand equity.

This is a high-stakes business, with room for only the very best players in the promotional products industry who can ensure failsafe operations, constantly elevating service standards to achieve more creativity, greater reliability, higher quality and increasingly customer-specific services.