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Production & Bindery

What many in the print industry already know “just in time service” is a must yet equipment limitations can impede successful execution on time sensitive orders.  Efficiencies in equipment, personal availability and logistics to deliver product can greatly affect the overall cost.

We at DSA offer flexibility, reliability and price efficiencies.  Our clients have come to understand and appreciate our skill set by offering them the best comprehensive solution for their print needs.  Logistic partnering with plants in North Jersey, Chicago, and the Mid-West saves on shipping and transit time. 

Among of the many services we can offer hands on approach are listed below:

  • Mylar reinforce
  • Apply transfer tape
  • UV laminate your coated stock  
  • Wafer seal
  • Spot Fugitive Glue
  • Machine score digital jobs
  • Hand finish digital or delicate jobs 

MYLAR REINFORCING —Mylar edge reinforce binding holes on 8½ x 11" coated or uncoated sheets. It's a must for price lists, showroom catalogs or any text that needs to hold up to the wear and tear of a binder.

TRANSFER TAPE —Machines apply transfer tape (pressure sensitive adhesive with release paper). Permanent or removable adhesive. It's a great way to handle catalog updates.

UV LAMINATING —UV coating equipment flood coat your oversized covers for that extra pop. 

WAFER SEALING — Automatic application of permanent pressure sensitive wafer.

SPOT FUGITIVE GLUING — Fugitive glue various substrates closed or affix one piece to another with a dime-sized spot of fugitive glue.

DIGITAL SCORING —Scoring machines eliminate virtually all cracking on delicate digital jobs for all forms of finishing and binding.

HAND FINISHING —White cotton glove hand finishing works best for delicate digital images and some "just off the press" offset work, as well. Handfed "scratch less" punching for wire, plastic and 3 ring binding.