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Assembly & Distribution

We specialize in the assembly and distribution of packages of all types. 

Our systems and processes support requests for customized Ad Hoc programs, regularly scheduled on-going programs, and the one-time fulfillment and distribution of larger quantities of kits for Sales, Corporate Meetings, Events, Trade Shows, Training, Product Launches, and so much more.

Working closely with our design, fulfillment and logistics teams; we can develop a product that is highly functional, brand compliant and fulfillment/distribution efficient.  Package design and assembly also considers the logistical requirements and regulations by USPS, UPS, FedEx, and truck freight companies.

When possible, we develop automated kitting and assembly routines  which are integrated into our IT department, inventory and logistics systems. 

Email acknowledgements are sent to the package addressee so they can anticipate and plan for the delivery of their package(s). 

While doing a bulk pack out, we will prioritize furthest distances first.  This allows us to use the least expensive delivery methods while ensuring that all recipients receive their packages on, or about the same time. We track all business and home deliveries.  

Shipping information is reconciled with the Master Shipping list and provides key information for the Product/Brand Manager regarding receipt of the package(s).

At the beginning of a program, working with the Client, we understand and insure that expected turn-around is met by establishing a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).  These SOP’s become the standards by which we measure performance by.  Typically, orders received by 3:00 PM EST, are shipped same-day.